The CNSS e.V. is an association of general staff officers, scientists and personalities from politics and business. Inspired by the intellectual achievement of Carl von Clausewitz, we cultivate the discourse on the interaction between politics, war and strategy in the present. The CNSS is characterized by the hierarchy and evaluation-free discourse with top figures from a wide variety of social organizations.

Our members have a great responsibility, they know what they are talking about. This leads to a synthesis of knowledge and ability, of theory and practice and of civil and military thinking, embedded on a scientific basis. We pursue a double purpose: on the one hand, basic research on strategic thinking. On the other hand, in the CNSS we develop strategies and analyzes, identify options for action and state their respective requirements and implications. So we orientate ourselves on “long lines” and develop the strategic dimension of political analyzes and recommendations for action, which otherwise are much more oriented towards day-to-day business and are based on short-term considerations of opportunity.