Dr. phil. Martin C. Wolff works as an entrepreneur and scientist in Berlin. He supports initiatives and associations in business, church and in the non-profit sector. Founded a personal development company in 2008 and a digital company in 2017. Since 2016 he has taught philosophy, digital economy and ethics in the digital age at the Humboldt University in Berlin and at the Beuth University of Technology. He publishes in commercial and scientific publishers.

He completed his studies in various humanities and social sciences, business administration and law in Berlin, Hagen and Freiburg with a master’s and master’s degree. After training as a communication trainer and martial arts training, he trained police and law enforcement officers in communication, de-escalation and mission-related self-defense at the Berlin Administrative Academy from 2004-2014. With his dissertation “Seriousness and Decision” he developed a basic philosophical theory on conflicts. He holds a master’s degree in philosophy and a master’s degree in supervision and pastoral psychology.

He has been on the board of the CNSS since 2016 and its chairman since 2019.