Clausewitz Network for Strategic Studies e.V.

As a civil-military think tank, we are an independent organization founded at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College in Hamburg. This high-ranked and interdisciplinary community advances the theory and practice of strategic thinking. With a joint-by-design approach, the network merges civilian with military expertise to enable a deeper understanding of the new trends and interactions of hybrid, multi-domain, civilian-driven technologies and security policies.

Inspired by the work of Carl von Clausewitz, the members appreciate the value of strategic and long-term thinking: Understanding is as important as acting. The network carries this intellectual heritage and thus promotes discourse on the interaction of politics, war, and strategy in the present. With the Covid-19 pandemic and even more so with the Russian attack on Ukraine, the CNSS aimed for a public debate on strategy among the European members of NATO. The focus is on the defence of the West as a whole, the geopolitics of the 21st century, military policy in Europe and academic discourse beyond the current mood of security policy.

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